Race Reading Assignments

Week 1

Hannah-Jones: The Idea of America

Biewen: Turning the Lens (Seeing White podcast series, Part 1) Transcript (podcast)

Biewen: How Race Was Made (Seeing White podcast series, Part 2) Transcript (podcast)

Week 2

Week 2

Snipp: Defining Race and Ethnicity (chapter 4 in Rethinking the Color Line)

Coleman: Why We’re Capitalizing Black

Painter: Why ‘White’ Should Be Capitalized, Too

Biewen: Made in America (Seeing White podcast series, Part 3) Transcript (podcast)

Tatum: Part 1: A Definition of Terms (chapters 1 and 2 of Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?)

Alba: The Likely Persistence of a White Majority

Wang and Talbot: This Is How the White Population Is Actually Changing Based on New Census Data

Week 3

Beer: Implicit Racial Bias: Where Do We Learn Whom We Should Perceive Negatively?

Villarosa: Why America’s Black Mothers and Babies Are in a Life-or-Death Crisis

Wezerek: Racism’s Hidden Toll

Biewen: On Crazy We Built a Nation (Seeing White podcast series, Part 4) Transcript (podcast)

Roth and Ivemark: Genetic Options: The Impact of Genetic Ancestry Testing on Consumers’ Racial and Ethnic Identities

Biewen: Chenjerai’s Challenge (Seeing White podcast series, Part 7) Transcript (podcast)

Biewen: Skulls and Skin (Seeing White podcast series, Part 8) Transcript (podcast)

Week 4

Lee & Bean: Beyond Black and White (chapter 11 in Rethinking the Color Line)

Harmon: How Much Racism Do You Face Every Day? (online article)

Biewen: Citizen Thind (Seeing White podcast series, Part 10) Transcript (podcast)

Chun: Supreme Court Moves away from Civil Rights

Feagin: The Real Question to Ask Our Supreme Court: Why?

Woods: The Supreme Court’s Originalism is White Supremacy

Week 5

Tatum: Part 2: Understanding Blackness in a White Context (chapters 3, 4, and 5 in Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?

Crooks: Growing up Black in Naperville

Desmond-Harris: The Myth about Smart Black Kids and “Acting White” That Won’t Die (online article)

Anderson: The Code of the Streets (chapter 22 in Rethinking the Color Line)

Anderson: Chapter 1 of Black in White Space: The Enduring Impact of Color in Everyday Life

Anderson: Black Americans Are Asserting Their Rights in “White Spaces.” That’s When Whites Call 911

Week 6

Tatum: Part 3: Understanding Whiteness in a White Context (chapters 6 and 7 in Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?)

Painter: What Whiteness Means in the Trump Era

Biewen: My White Friends (Seeing White podcast series, Part 12) Transcript (podcast)

Blumer: Race Prejudice as a Sense of Group Position (chapter 15 in Rethinking the Color Line)

Edsall: Donald Trump’s Identity Politics

Edsall: White Riot

Eligon: The El Paso Screed, and the Racist Doctrine Behind It

Week 7

Gallagher: Color-Blind Privilege (chapter 12 in Rethinking the Color Line)

Bonilla-Silva: Color-Blind Racism in Pandemic Times (online article)

Yuen: Hollywood’s Colorblind Racism (online article)

Tatum: Part 4: Beyond Black and White (chapters 8 and 9 of Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?)

Flores-González: Chapter 1 “Race and Belonging among Latino Millennials” from Citizens but Not Americans

Week 8

Magbouleh: Chapter 1 “Being White” from The Limits of Whiteness

Malik: I Am Not Your Muslim (online article)

Parvini and Simani: Are Arabs and Iranians White? Census Says Yes, but Many Disagree

Pew Research Center: U.S. Muslims Concerned about Their Place in Society, but Continue to Believe in the American Dream (online article) Only the first page is assigned.

Ways and Means: Episode 7 of Secret Life of Muslims (podcast)

Tatum: Part 5: Breaking the Silence (chapter 10 in Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?)

Week 9

Lee and Zhou: The Reigning Misperception about Culture and Asian American Achievement (online article)

Lee: Harvard May Discriminate against Asian Americans, but Its Preference for Legacy Students Is the Bigger Problem (online article)

Biewen: Transformation (Seeing White podcast series, part 14) Transcript (podcast)

Massey: Residential Segregation and Neighborhood Conditions in U.S. Metropolitan Areas (chapter 21 in Rethinking the Color Line)

Chang: White America is Quietly Self-Segregating (online article)

Moorehead and Mouritsen: Race in the Suburbs: The Protection of Privilege

Week 10

Lipsitz: The Possessive Investment in Whiteness (chapter 19 in Rethinking the Color Line)

Vitchek: Confessions of a Blockbuster

Zacks: How Blockbusting and Real Estate Profiteers Cash in on Racial Tension

Chang: Living in a Poor Neighborhood Changes Everything about Your Life (online article)

Biewen: White Affirmative Action (Seeing White podcast series, Part 13) Transcript (podcast)

Week 11

Carmichael: Black Power (online article)

Casera: The “Cycle of Segregation” through a Sociologist’s Lens (online audio)

Huska: West Chicago Is Cleaning up the Last of Its Nuclear Contamination. Residents Exposed to Radiation Say ‘It’s Not over’

Rios: Chapter 1: Dreams Deferred (in Punished)

Alexander: The New Jim Crow (chapter 27 in Rethinking the Color Line)

DuVernay: From Plantation to Prison (online article)

DuVernay: 13th (online film 0-40:52)

Week 12

Rios: Chapter 2: The Flatlands of Oakland and the Youth Control Complex (in Punished)

Cole: No Equal Justice (chapter 26 in Rethinking the Color Line)

DuVernay: 13th (online film 40:52-1:14:00)

Week 13

Rios: Chapter 3: The Labeling Hype (in Punished)

Bobo & Thompson: Racialized Mass Incarceration (chapter 28 in Rethinking the Color Line)

Pager: The Mark of a Criminal Record (chapter 29 in Rethinking the Color Line)

DuVernay: 13th (online film 1:14:00-end)

Pérez: Chapter 1: The Racial Power of Humor (from The Souls of White Jokes)

Jaffe: Confronting Racist Objects

Week 14

Merskin: Winnebagos, Cherokees, Apaches, and Dakotas (chapter 39 in Rethinking the Color Line)

Yancy: Why White People Need Blackface

A.Frame: Sacheen Littlefeather’s Oral History

Week 15

Color of Change: Normalizing Injustice (online report)

Rios: Chapter 4: The Coupling of Criminal Justice and Community Institutions (in Punished)

Rios: Chapter 5: “Dummy Smart” (in Punished)

Rios: Chapter 6: Proving Manhood (in Punished)

Week 16


April 5

Unit 6: How Space Gets Raced

April 7 (Worksheet due April 8)

April 12

NY Times: Where Does the American Dream Live? (online video)

Dirks & Mueller: Racism and Popular Culture (chapter 36 in Rethinking the Color Line)

May 3

Unit 9: Building a Youth Support Complex

May 5 (Worksheet due May 6)

May 10

Rios: Chapter 7: Guilty by Association, Conclusion and Appendix (in Punished)

Coates: The Case for Reparations

Darity and Mullen: Black Reparations and the Racial Wealth Gap